Top 10 Benefits of Ecommerce Websites | What is Ecommerce

Buying online is more like a necessity now, not luxury at all. The competition among ecommerce giants has increased due to increasing demand in the market. Check out some of the top 10 benefits of ecommerce websites, especially for organizations while selling products. Technology has evolved and provides a wide array of features utilized by […]

Positivity (Need of the Hour)!

Take Away from Corona – Positive Effects of Corona without testing positive…. A lot is being said/written about the ill effects of Corona virus and also about the possible means to stay safe from getting infected with it. In fact, if one reads a newspaper or listens to the TV these days, one would get to […]

Corona & Lockdown

CORONA, COVID19 has hit our country and the whole world with so much intensity and venom, no words can capture it all. Never before in my life which is all of 72 years and counting have experienced anything anywhere close to this. I only used to hear from my earlier generations and have read here […]

Automation – Impact on IT Company

Automated check in kiosks now dominate at the airport. Pilots steer aircraft for a short time only, with autopilot guiding the rest. As more and more tasks are automated, we start to debate the impact of automation, multiplied many times across different sectors of the economy. Is this going to be a threat to jobs? […]