Technology is changing our world in the most unexpected ways. Supreeth Bhat, MD, PQube believes that every small business needs to use technology to “future proof” themselves. According to him, “Constant Innovation is the Key to Survival”.

1.  Improving collaboration

Initially small companies started utilizing technology in the form of e mail and instant messenger. Technology has now significantly grown to collaborative project management platforms that allow the small business to operate from anywhere in the world.

2.  Minimize errors

Manual processes have a lot of room for errors. This significantly increases the cost. Automation completely eliminates factors that cause human errors thereby significantly reducing costs.

3.  Enhancing customer relations

Technology has opened a lot more avenues for small businesses from opening up online stores to offering 24/7 customer service. Business growth is great but with it comes the need to organize your information. This is where a CRM is useful.

4.  Cloud space

Small businesses can keep their important files on a massive server called the cloud and access them at any time. No technical knowledge is required. Cloud storage is also the perfect backup plan for businesses. These files are stored at a remote location and once data is stored in the cloud, it is safe.

5.  Tailor made apps

Mobile apps open opportunities to engage with customers in a unique way. They make it easier to convert audience into customers. Also enables businesses to have personalized interactions with customers. We are already in the era of driverless cars, robots performing surgeries and working in factories. Through technology disruptions, have come improved quality of life. Every business needs to incorporate technology or there are high chances they might miss the opportunities or fall behind the rest or worse become irrelevant.